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Kitchen paper

Kitchen paper

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When it comes to the kitchen, I'm afraid most people's minds will emit words such as oil smoke and stains. Yes, the kitchen is such a place, so kitchen paper was born. Kitchen paper is specially designed and produced for kitchen. Many of its functions are unmatched by other paper towels. The following will introduce the functions of kitchen oil absorbing paper.

Kitchen paper

Clean and sanitary

In the era of no kitchen paper, most people have a rag in their kitchen. This kind of rag is very meaningful. It can wash dishes, brush pots and wipe everything you can think of. As time goes on, the rags get older and the bacteria get stronger and stronger. Even if you wash it every day, you can't stop the bacteria from moving forward. So our kitchen paper appeared. Because paper and napkins are comparable, the pollution of napkins and napkins can be avoided when they are used in the kitchen for a long time!

Remove water stains

In the past, when we wiped kitchen utensils with rags, we would accidentally leave water stains, which made our efforts futile and had to start over. Now use kitchen paper, which is not a problem. Due to the strong water absorption capacity of kitchen paper, the water stain will disappear only when it is wiped with kitchen paper for the second time. Kitchen paper is not as easily broken as ordinary paper towels. You can wipe it anywhere, it won't fall!

Strong oil absorption

In addition to good water absorption, it also has good oil absorption. It can be used to absorb the excess oil in the fried food in the pot, so that we can eat healthier. In addition, the requirements for kitchen paper are very strict, and no fluorescent agent is added, so you can rest assured that it will come into contact with food. In addition, you can also use it to wipe greasy tableware. Clean tableware will be very convenient.

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