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Meal tissue

Meal tissue

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Among many surface disinfection wipes, the disinfectant wipes with low concentration hydrogen peroxide as the disinfection component are the safest, have very low corrosivity, and have no stimulation and harm to the human body. Peroxides are a major trend in the field of surface disinfection in Europe and North America.

1. For ordinary cleaning, household or outdoor use, you can choose ordinary wet paper towels to meet the purpose of cleaning;

2. For those who have high requirements and hope to have a certain sterilization effect after wiping, they can choose sanitary wipes, but sanitary wipes can only have a certain bacteriostatic effect. After wiping for a period of time, they will play a role in sterilization and can not achieve the effect of disinfection;

3. For wipes with special requirements that want to be sterilized quickly and play a role in disinfection, they must choose sterilized wipes, which can be sterilized, mainly to prevent sudden influenza.

Therefore, on the premise of reasonable selection of wet wipes, we can achieve the effect of cleaning, sanitation and disinfection. Not all wet wipes have the same effect, which is a misunderstanding.

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