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Air flow molding dry paper manufacturer

Air flow molding dry paper manufacturer

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The dry process paper produced by xuyao new materials is widely used in industrial, medical, household, catering and other places. The company is a foreign-funded enterprise, and its products are exported to Canada, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

The dry process paper manufacturer has the production capacity of 40g / ㎡ extra thin dry process paper and 450g / ㎡ extra thick dry process paper, and has the core material suitable for high-speed sanitary napkin machine, including SAP double-sided adhesive spraying dry process paper - no dust and super tensile force. Products are widely used: sanitary napkins, pads, diapers, incontinence pads, toilet pads, pet pads, coasters, kitchen wiping paper and meat pads.

Founded in 2014, xuyao new materials (Huai'an) Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of high-tech absorbent materials and always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "integrity-based and customer first". With the care and support of leaders of Huai'an Municipal governments at all levels, our company will adhere to the scientific and accurate development idea and make every effort to popularize high-quality products and services, Make your own contribution to the development of China's high-tech absorbent material industry!

Air flow molding dry paper manufacturer

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Dry process paper manufacturer

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Dry process paper manufacturer

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