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Wet tissue production customization

Wet tissue production customization

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Wet paper towel is a common commodity in our daily life. When we go out, we always like to carry a bag with us. We can wipe our hands, tables and chairs at any time. We think we can remove bacteria and viruses and ensure hand hygiene. Even during the epidemic, wet wipes have become a major protective "artifact" for the public. There are many kinds of wet wipes on the market, and their standards, performance and uses are also different. So, what's the difference between so many wipes? How should we choose and buy? Next, wet tissue manufacturers will show you. Classification of wet wipes wet wipes can be divided into three categories: ordinary wet wipes, sanitary wet wipes and disinfection wet wipes. Ordinary wet wipes are products with nonwovens, fabrics and dust-free paper as carriers, purified water as production water and an appropriate amount of preservatives., It can also clean hands, skin mucous membranes or object surfaces. However, ordinary wipes have no bactericidal effect.

Wet tissue

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