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Disposable wet tissue

Disposable wet tissue

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Many disposable wet paper towels provided by hotels and restaurants to diners and residents have been detected with transportable fluorescent agents. The disposable wet paper towel of the hotel will penetrate into the gauze through extrusion. Under the special instrument, the gauze will emit blue light, which proves that the wet paper towel has a portable fluorescent brightener. The test report of Vango wipes shows "None" in the item of "mobile fluorescent agent". At this point, please rest assured. In order to avoid tearing the wet towel hard when cleaning, the hand has aftertaste, and the toughness of the wet towel is also very important. Two hand stretching can detect the toughness of wet wipes. If they are elastic and have no signs of fracture, it indicates that they have strong toughness. Moisturizing degree of wet wipes: if the package sealing is not good enough and the liquid medicine volatilizes, the wet wipes will soon become "dry wipes", which can not play their due cleaning role. The designed wet towel can not only achieve the same publicity effect, but also the price of wet paper towel is low.

Disposable wet tissue

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