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"Heaven is healthy, and a gentleman keeps improving himself". We are not afraid of difficulties, because our dreams are firm and powerful. We firmly believe that every xuyao person will become the driving force for the development and progress of the enterprise.

Always adhere to serving customers first, and always put the interests of the company ahead of personal interests, because the interests of the company are fees. To sell the future, we should always take the principles and systems as the standards of action and can't deviate from them.

We are a team full of responsibility and passion for customers. We advocate learning, innovation, sincere cooperation, sincere service and win-win results, so as to ensure that we can meet the needs of customers with faster time and better service to a greater extent, and continuously contribute to the industry of new environmental protection absorbing materials.

Dry process paper manufacturer

Our Mission

Promote the development of intelligent science and technology

Leading the trend of intelligent scientific application

Let the deep integration of science and technology and Application

Promote social progress

Our vision

Create a high-quality brand of household paper

Sustainable growth of enterprises

Our Core Values

People oriented, adhere to integrity, carry out reform and pay attention to performance

Our Business Philosophy

Focus on professional goals, gather quality first, and continue to innovate

Our Service Concept

Keenly grasp the application trend and quickly meet the needs of customers

Focus on customers and exceed customer satisfaction

Our Management Philosophy

Put the selection and training of talents in the first place

Respect and trust every employee

Build a learning team through continuous learning

Continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and individuals

Adhere to principles and emphasize discipline

Make concerted efforts and carry forward the spirit of teamwork

Our View of Employment

Have both ability and political integrity, take morality as the first, appoint people on the basis of merit and employ their talents

Our ten standards

Our ten standards are diligence, dedication, honesty and integrity

Brave, loyal, optimistic and confident

Advocating learning and enterprising

Innovation, dedication and passion

Attach importance to the spirit of cooperation and ownership

Dry process paper manufacturer

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Dry process paper manufacturer

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