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about us

about us

Founded in 2014, xuyao new materials (Huai'an) Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive production-oriented enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacturing, production and sales of high-tech absorbent materials. Our company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, processing and sales of new environmental protection absorbing materials (commonly used in dry paper, kitchen paper towel and wet paper towel).

The products are widely used in industrial, medical, household, catering and other places / the company is a foreign-funded enterprise

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Hardware facilities · professional

Strong brand strength,

Multiple production lines

> The company plans three dry process paper production lines and

> a new wet tissue production line.

Advanced equipment

> Adopt advanced instruments and scientific methods for sampling and

> full inspection of raw materials and finished products.

Warehouse delivery

> Through the whole process inspection and monitoring of delivery, ensure that the delivered

> products are accurate, and the qualified rate of product delivery reaches 100%.



  • 干法纸
  • 干法纸厂家
  • 气流成型干法纸

Successful cases

Stable product quality, timely delivery,

  • Kitchen paper

    Kitchen paper

    The size can be customized and supports customization of various colors
    Special oil absorbing paper for kitchen
    Oil absorption and water locking, keep away from peculiar smell

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  • Disposable wipes

    Disposable wipes

    Disposable roll type commercial wet paper towel
    The size can be customized and supports customization of various colors
    It is treated with imported bactericide
    No mildew, no deterioration
    Degradable super soft

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  • Makeup cotton

    Makeup cotton

    The size can be customized and supports customization of various colors
    It can absorb moderate make-up water and will not easily leave fiber fluff on the skin. It is suitable for use as a make-up cotton.

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  • Facial mask

    Facial mask

    Dry paper has flannelette softness and will not easily remain on the skin, especially for tender skin. It can protect the skin well, and has high liquid retention. It can retain beauty ingredients, especially for beauty mask.

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  • physiology products

    physiology products

    A product that makes full use of the characteristics of bulkiness and high absorption capacity.

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