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101% high-quality service linked Taiwan enterprise research team visited our company for research

2020-05-27 07:57:09


On May 22, the research group of 101% high-quality service linked Taiwan enterprises in the Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone visited the company for research guidance and held a symposium. Zhou Xiaobing, deputy director of Huai'an Taiwan Affairs Office, Cheng Zhenpeng, deputy director of Taiwan Investment Promotion Center, Ma Jiajia, member of Taiwan Investment Promotion Center, Yu Lixin, vice president of Huai'an bioengineering higher vocational school, Liu Gongzhou, director of school enterprise cooperation department, and Zhu Meirong, deputy director of school enterprise cooperation department and Secretary General of Huai'an group, jointly investigated and attended the symposium.


At the symposium, the research group listened to the report on our production line products, current market advantages and market recognition, as well as the company's development strategy in the next stage. The municipal Taiwan Affairs Office said that it would provide some preferential policies to our company and contact upstream and downstream manufacturers. It gave guidance on the corporate culture and talent introduction of Huai'an bioengineering higher professional word proofreading company.


Subsequently, the research group will understand the construction of the new Mstar Technology Ltd in Shanghai and emphasize that the company should focus on the industrial positioning, implement precise promotion, seize the major development opportunities of the high speed rail economic circle, and do well the industrial transfer of intermediate products and terminal civilian products.



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