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Strengthen epidemic prevention and control! Resolutely prevent the rebound of the epidemic!

2020-06-30 07:57:09

Recently, during the epidemic period, in order to implement the spirit of epidemic prevention and control, continuously consolidate the epidemic prevention and control work, and ensure the health and safety of all cadres and employees, xuyao new material dry process paper manufacturer once again carried out epidemic prevention and control knowledge publicity activities.

Dry process paper manufacturer

Dry process paper manufacturer

First of all, Mr. Wang Yixiang, assistant to the chairman of the board of directors, gave a lecture on epidemic prevention knowledge to all employees. In order to achieve an easy to understand effect, PPT and short video were adopted for this publicity; The lecture gave a comprehensive explanation from the basic knowledge of New Coronavirus, personal protection, requirements of the company's epidemic prevention and control, basic knowledge of disinfection, and the healthy use of air-conditioning in summer. Among them, the importance of keeping hands clean, indoor air circulation, how to properly and effectively wear masks, disinfecting home, avoiding people gathering more places and animal contact without protection is important. We must attach great importance to the seriousness of New Coronavirus, do a good job in personal protection and not neglect the main idea.

1. Advocate the culture of wearing masks, take the initiative to wear masks when going out, and effective epidemic prevention starts from self.

2. Wear masks correctly. Disposable masks cannot be reused. Wash hands after using them and putting them into the designated trash can.

3. Scientific epidemic prevention, effective hand washing, careful use of chemical disinfection products, and maintaining good hygiene habits and hand washing methods can effectively protect health and avoid infection.

4. Please wear a mask when going out to take public transportation, public places and other places

5. If you have symptoms of upper respiratory tract discomfort such as cough, fever and chest tightness, please go to the regular designated hospital in time, cooperate with the health declaration and registration, and contact the municipal CDC immediately once you find suspected symptoms.


Dry process paper manufacturer

Dry process paper manufacturer

Dry process paper manufacturer

This publicity effectively strengthened the understanding of all employees on epidemic prevention and control knowledge, improved personal protection awareness, and strengthened the confidence and determination of the company and all employees to fight the epidemic scientifically, prevent and control the epidemic group, and overcome the epidemic situation.

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