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What kind of paper does the dry process paper manufacturer introduce to you?

2021-10-23 08:18:15

Dry papermaking is relative to traditional wet papermaking. The traditional wet papermaking is to disperse (pulp) fibers into water, and then filter them with papermaking forming screen to form paper; Dry process paper manufacturers take fluff pulp as the main raw material. The fluff pulp board is decomposed into loose single fibers in the hammer crusher, and then transported to the screen forming machine through air flow. Spray with latex resin or add hot-melt two-component thermal bonding fiber or both to form a fiber web on the forming network and solidify it into paper.

Compared with the traditional papermaking method, the pulp fiber does not undergo the process of water absorption, expansion, dehydration and shrinkage, and the product is not as dense as the paper produced by wet process. Therefore, dry paper products have large thickness, high loose thickness, good softness, high liquid absorption capacity and strength. Even after moisture absorption, the appearance is similar to that of paper, and the performance and hand feel are similar to that of cloth. Therefore, dry process paper should be used to produce wet and dry wipes, including absorbent cores in household and industrial wipes, sanitary napkins and diapers.

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