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Dry process paper factory tutor you how to distinguish whether the quality of wet tissue paper meets the standard?

2022-02-12 13:54:55

Almost every family will use wet tissue paper, which is also a common paper towel for every family. However, there are some selection skills and wonderful methods that we ignore in the wet tissue paper that can be seen everywhere in our life.

Wet tissue paper can be seen everywhere, whether in family life or in the office. Good wet tissue paper not only brings a lot of convenience to our life, but also relates to our health. It is very important to choose good wipes. Therefore, when we buy wipes every day, in addition to paying attention to the brand, we can also judge the advantages and disadvantages of box smoking from the following aspects. Let's have a look with the dry process paper manufacturer!

Wet tissue paper

1、 The primary standard of whether the wet tissue paper meets the standard is that the production date, batch number, factory address, factory name and other marks should be marked on the outer package of the product. Do not buy products whose marks are not obvious or exceed the validity period. These products are not guaranteed.

2、 When purchasing qualified wipes, we also need to pay attention to whether the taste of wipes is pungent, whether the appearance is too white, and whether there is hair loss after use. If the quality of wipes is not up to standard, they will affect the skin and even physical health, so we should pay special attention.

3、 Finally, it should be noted that during the use of wet tissue paper, whether it will rot in case of water. Good wet tissue paper adds more high-quality imported fibers, improves the density and strengthens the strength and toughness of the product with special processes, and the paper will not crack easily even after being soaked in water.

Generally speaking, the custom-made wet tissue paper is cut and counted by a computer-controlled machine, and the drawing number is accurate. As for why there are two or three less pumping, this is normal, because the sub packaging of wet tissue paper in the later stage is manual operation, and it is possible to pinch two or three less pumping when it is done quickly.

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