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Wet tissue manufacturer

Wet tissue manufacturer

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A wet towel is a wet paper towel used to wipe the skin. Wet wipes on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: one is disinfected, but can not disinfect other items. They contain skin care ingredients and can only be used for skin moisturizing and maintenance. The other is disinfection wipes, which can not only self disinfect, but also disinfect other items. They can be used for disinfection or sterilization of skin abrasions, abrasions, etc. When purchasing wet wipes, the manufacturer of wet paper towels will introduce its function and positioning to you.

By material

Wet wipes are divided into two types according to material: one is wet strength paper, and the other is non-woven fabric. Most wipes are made of non-woven fabrics. If subdivided, most unprocessed non-woven fabrics are made of spunlaced;

According to the classification of materials, wet wipes can be divided into polyester and cotton. Polyester feels hard and smooth, while cotton feels soft;

Wet paper towel

By process

Wet wipes can be divided into cross mesh laying and forward mesh laying according to the process classification, and the tension of cross mesh laying is more uniform;

By user

Wipes can be divided into adult wipes and baby wipes. Baby wipes are very demanding and cannot be added with alcohol, spices, stimulants, fluorescent agents, etc.

According to inventory solution

In addition, the stock solution used in wet towels cannot be said to be all potions, but RO pure water + disinfectant. The content of disinfectant should be proportioned scientifically. Wet paper towels are a better choice for hand washing and face washing before and after meals or when there is no water and soap.

In addition, in addition to ordinary wipes for skin cleaning, disposable surface disinfection wipes are more popular in the world. This disinfectant wipes are not equivalent to ordinary sanitary wipes. This surface disinfection disinfectant mainly acts on the human body surface, not the human body surface, and has a wider bactericidal activity. Bacteria, viruses (hepatitis B, AIDS and other viruses) can be killed. Household use has become increasingly popular

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