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Special paper for cooking on plank road

Special paper for cooking on plank road

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Cooking paper is a special paper towel used for cooking. Plank path cooking paper can be used to absorb water and oil in food. For example, before frying fish, soak the surface of the fish and the water in the pot with cooking paper, so that it is not easy to explode when frying fish. Soup can also be filtered to remove vegetable residues and floating froth in the soup. After learning, Xiaobian will explain the content of cooking paper to you. Introduction to cooking paper: Cooking paper is made of natural pulp. It is as white as ordinary web paper. It feels as thick and soft as a fluffy blanket. Its special fiber structure can strongly absorb water and oil, and can quickly filter and separate residues and even small particles in oil and soup. The residual blood and water of fresh fish and meat slices are gently wrapped with cooking paper and sucked dry. After being put into the oil pan, it will not splash oil, which greatly shortens the cooking time. Cooking paper is strictly disinfected, safe and hygienic. When stewing, remove the fishy juice and oil. Just put the cooking paper into the pot. Bacon can also be sandwiched in cooking paper and heated in the microwave oven, which can not only keep the microwave oven clean, but also remove excess oil and make crisp and delicious bacon. In addition, cooking paper also has the functions of moisturizing and keeping fresh and preventing vegetables and rice from drying. It can be used to wipe tableware and pot table. A piece of paper can be used for many purposes and can be called a good helper in the kitchen. Cooking paper is also called butter paper by many people. This is a kind of translucent paper. It is oil resistant paper processed with silicone resin. It can withstand heat in 20 minutes. The temperature is 250 degrees Celsius. Cooking paper can be used for all kinds of cooking. Because both sides are processed with silicon, both sides can be used and have strong heat resistance. When cooking, it will not stick to the food, it is also very waterproof, and the oil juice will not leak when cooking.

Cooking paper


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