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Wet wipes for meals

Wet wipes for meals

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What should we look at when choosing wet wipes for meals?

1. Check whether the package is sealed: when you choose wet tissue, pay attention to the tightness of the package of wet tissue. There should be no damage, so it should be sealed immediately after use.

2. Thickness of wet wipes: because thick wet wipes have good hand feel and strong usability, thin wet wipes are easy to tear during use, which affects the cleaning ability of wet wipes.

3 choose a wear-resistant wet towel: wipe it repeatedly on a plane with a wet towel. If there is no obvious fuzzing on the surface, it is a wet towel with better quality.

4. Look at the information of wet wipes: if the production date and hygiene license on the package are unknown or intentionally vague, you should not buy them! Look at the length and width of wipes. For wipes with the same price, the larger the area, the more cost-effective!

5. Look at the ingredients of wet wipes: when selecting wet wipes, be sure to carefully check the added ingredients on the product label on the package. If the mold is unclear or the ingredients are not suitable, don't buy them.

6 smell the smell of wet wipes: because perfume additives may cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, when shopping, try to choose non scented wipes to reduce skin irritation.

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