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Guidance on epidemic prevention for imported goods and first-line contacts

2021-11-11 07:57:09

On August 18, based on the content of document {2021} 5 of Huai pneumonia prevention and control office, the unit publicized the relevant epidemic prevention policies in the form of PPT and publicity film for imported goods and front-line contact employees of epidemic prevention as follows:

For the imported goods of the unit, formulate relevant epidemic prevention management system, specify the responsible person and relevant work responsibilities, warehousing management system, training management system and file management system, and manage them in parallel with the unit's specifications and responsibility instructions on epidemic prevention and control of imported goods.

Objective: to standardize the unloading, warehousing, production, processing and leftover material treatment of imported goods, and implement the epidemic prevention and control of the unit.

Scope of application: all foreign imported goods and materials.




During the meeting, in addition to the contact personnel of imported goods, our company strengthened the publicity and education of epidemic prevention for the personnel of kitchen, doorman, cleaning and other departments. In the new epidemic prevention situation, it is essential to do a good job in personal protection, especially the first-line personnel, who are responsible for cleaning and hygiene, collection, removal and disposal of domestic waste and waste protective articles, and deal with waste and potential pathogens at zero distance. To this end, the unit has prepared a code of practice for epidemic prevention for front-line contact personnel, and advocated enterprises and personnel to standardize operation and jointly fight the epidemic in special periods!

Epidemic prevention propaganda contents of main contacts:

Knowledge of epidemic prevention, disinfection and personal protection;

A brief introduction to the basic concept, etiology and epidemiology of epidemic prevention and disinfection;

Resistance of viruses and microorganisms to disinfection factors;

Introduction to personal protective equipment, use methods and precautions;

Wearing and taking off principles and disposal of personal protective equipment;

Types of disinfectants, introduction of disinfection equipment, operation methods, precautions for use and chemical first aid measures of the unit;

Post meeting summary:

Master the basic knowledge of infectious diseases.

Master the epidemic prevention and control requirements of imported high-risk non cold chain goods.

Understand common disinfectants and common disinfection methods, and correctly use personal protective equipment.

Understand the work requirements of preventive disinfection.

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention specifications and work guidelines, the staff shall accurately and scientifically mix, correctly use disinfectants and safety matters.

During the epidemic, the first-line contact personnel not only bear the heavy responsibility of disinfection, but also face a higher risk working environment. Xuyao new materials also takes this opportunity to appeal to you to give the first-line contact personnel more understanding and respect. Only everyone's support can win this protracted war of epidemic prevention.

Founded in 2014, xuyao new materials (Huai'an) Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of high-tech absorbent materials and always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "integrity-based and customer first". With the care and support of leaders of Huai'an Municipal governments at all levels, our company will adhere to the scientific and accurate development idea and fully provide high-quality products and services to the public, Make your own contribution to the development of China's high-tech absorbent material industry!


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