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The application of kitchen paper -- on the self-cultivation of lazy people

2022-01-13 16:17:04

Do you know how to use kitchen paper?

Kitchen paper has two major functions: one is for household cleaning, and the other is to absorb food moisture and oil. Let's have a look with the kitchen paper manufacturer!

When kitchen paper is used for kitchen affairs, I usually use it to dry the water in the dishes, wipe the stove, range hood, etc. Because of its thick paper and strong water absorption, it will not leave hair or paper scraps, so it is also very suitable for home cleaning in non kitchen places such as glass windows, mirrors, tables and so on.

Kitchen paper

In addition, the kitchen paper towel can be folded and padded at the bottom of the oil filter box of the range hood to absorb excess oil stains, so as to avoid stubborn oil stains from accumulating in the box and facilitate cleaning.

Kitchen paper can also prevent leakage. My kitchen paper is padded under the seasoning bottle to prevent leakage; Of course, you can also put it in the refrigerator to prevent food and beverage leakage and make the refrigerator easier to clean.

The second function is for food. The first is to absorb water. For example, use kitchen paper to dry the water on the surface of the fish and in the pot before frying the fish. When frying, there will be no oil explosion. Meat will bleed water after thawing, and sucking it dry with kitchen paper can ensure the freshness and hygiene of food.

In addition, wrapping kitchen paper before putting fruits and vegetables into the refrigerator and then putting a fresh-keeping bag can keep food fresh longer.

Generally, after the fried food comes out of the pot, put it on the kitchen paper to let the kitchen paper absorb the excess oil.

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