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Kitchen paper

Kitchen paper

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Kitchen paper is a special paper towel for the kitchen. It is bigger and thicker than ordinary paper towels. It has good water absorption and oil absorption. It is a good helper for family cleaning and food oil absorption. Kitchen paper can be bought in large supermarkets.

Benefits of kitchen paper

1. Clean and sanitary

After a few days of use, even if the rag is cleaned every day, it will still accumulate a large number of bacteria (which may increase by 100 million to 10 million times). If you continue to use it, it will not only get dirtier and dirtier, but also leave a large number of bacteria invisible to the naked eye in your hands and wiped places, posing a threat to the health of family members. Kitchen paper has strong cleaning ability and is a disposable product. It can be used instead of rags. Clean and sanitary, effectively protect the family from bacteria.

2. Easy to use

Using paper instead of rags in the kitchen can more easily and effectively clean the kitchen and avoid the trouble of cleaning dirty rags. It's very convenient to use. It is suitable for our busy office staff, so that everyone can easily have a clean new kitchen! It is convenient and fast. There is a layer of carton wrapped with special materials outside, which can play a certain waterproof and oil proof effect, ensure the cleanness and hygiene of kitchen paper and prevent oil pollution.

3. Widely used

Kitchen paper can not only directly dry the moisture and oil in food during cooking, but also be widely used in household cleaning.

the benefits of kitchen paper

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