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Dry paper production by air flow molding

Dry paper production by air flow molding

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Dry process paper production line is the main product of xuyao new material. DPZ series expanded paper (dust-free paper) production line is suitable for the automatic continuous production of dry process paper production line with various characteristics and certain quantity under certain temperature conditions by evenly mixing wood pulp and chemical fiber in a certain proportion. The production line is composed of wood pulp crushing system, chemical fiber preparation system, wood and chemical fiber mixed feeding system, forming system, transition system, hot box system, paper winding, transmission, gas circuit and electric control system, Slitter, etc. The production line has reasonable design, advanced configuration, uniform mixing of wood and chemical fiber, high molding uniformity, strong paper forming tension, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient operation and maintenance and high degree of automation. It is a better equipment for generating dry paper in China.

The situation of dry process paper industry is relatively good: the supply and demand balance of products; The price of dry process paper rose; New products of dry paper used in automobile, agriculture and mattress barrier fabrics have good prospects, and the market seems to be expanding.

Dry paper production by air flow molding

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