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Jiangsu wet tissue customization

Jiangsu wet tissue customization

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What are the functions of wet paper towels? Instead of wiping your face with a towel. Sometimes when you go out on business or travel, because of limited conditions, you can only use wet wipes instead, which is much better than not washing your face. It's good for babies to wipe themselves. Because towels or paper towels are rough, there is no softness of wet towels. It is good to wipe your baby's ass. Hotel dining supplies. Most of the time, there is the kind of disinfection towel, because contact with the skin may lead to some people's allergies, so wet towels are better and have no side effects! Wipe the computer instead of a rag. When the computer keyboard is covered with dust, the effect of using dry cloth or wet cloth is not very ideal, and the effect of using wet towel is very good. Female makeup remover. Wet wipes have more functions. Jiangsu wet paper towel manufacturers also have makeup remover wet wipes specifically for makeup women, which have a particularly good effect without hurting the skin!

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